If you have just been refused a UK entry visa then read this ….Very important notice….

  • If you have recently ..’within the last 12 months’, experienced a visa refusal to the UK..DO NOT RE-APPLY …You must contact us and ‘FREE OF CHARGE’ we will study the refusal reasons and assess if the grounds are genuine bona fide reasons.

  • If the reasons given are genuine- then there is nothing we can do. END.

  • However -if the reasons are fabricated-manufactured — bogus reasons to refuse, …..reasons that are unrelated to British immigration regulations –then we will attack this deceit with fierce intensity and spare no expense to exploit their lack of judgment – lack of attention…and gross dishonesty.

  • Regardless what you read or hear you do have rights to complain to the independent tribunal for a complete and unbiased review.

  • We complete all of the complaint/ review forms and send them off to the appropriate authorities.

  • By taking this action we have over 75% of refusals overturned with 14 days, 7% are overturned within 21 days.

  • This your right under the Human rights Article 8 of the (Human rights act 1998amended 2014).